Damon Albarn | Muse.com – March 2000

Damon Q&A on movies

Favourite film composer?

DA: It has to be Ennio Morricone, without a shadow of a doubt.

Favourite film score?

DA: Maybe Once Upon A Time In America.

Favourite movie?

DA: (Long pause) I like films for different reasons, so… Well, a music-related film that’s just outrageous, that goes through so many visual identities is Casino Royale. Unbelievable.
Favourite actor?

DA: I’m a big Jim Carrey fan these days.

Favourite actress?

DA: I suppose someone like Susan Sarandon is really cool.

Any directors you’d like to work with?

DA: I’d like to do something for the Coen Brothers. And you know, just to get the chance to do a Scorsese film would be absolutely incredible. He’s one of the few who uses songs in movies well, who really knows his stuff.

Quote us a line of movie dialogue…

DA: I can’t even quote a song – any popular song – more than two lines. I’m not that good at that sort of thing, but a film I learned off by heart when I was a kid was Meantime. I can still quote chunks of it.

What’s the best acting advice anyone ever gave you?

DA: Well, I was always being told not to try so hard. I really didn’t understand what people meant – I think it means not to be afraid of being yourself.

Favourite movie of last year?

DA: The films I enjoyed the most were The Thin Red Line, The Idiots and The Truman Show. I only saw that one last year.

The last truly appalling film you saw?

DA: It was one of those Movie Choice things in a hotel, it had Val Kilmer playing a blind masseur (At First Sight). I don’t think I lasted more than half-way through. And that was when I’d watched absolutely everything to be had and you’re really desperate.

Favourite Irish film?

DA: Does My Left Foot count? I hate Daniel Day Lewis but I love that film. I love the story.

The movie biz vs the film biz – compare and contrast…

DA: They both have their level of intensity but you’re at different points in the creative process, you know?

And the token Blur question. Favourite single?

DA: “Beetlebum” and “Tender”, really. They’re the ones I enjoy singing the most.


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