Damon Albarn | Unknown – Undated

The best song writer around

Submitted by Rachel (damon-scene) from Blur’s old website.

Did you ever imagine yourself reaching this point in your career?

No, not specifically. But I’d always felt that if I kept on doing it that at some point I’d do something really good. The thing I’m most proud about after having come through this tour is that we’re established now. We’re not going to go away. That’s an enormous barrier to have overcome. I’m jumping up and down and can’t wait to go and make another album now. Half of what the creative process is about is mustering that enthusiasm and I’m very enthusiastic and confident now. It’s not about taking drugs or shagging girls or having lots of money, it’s about something unique inside your head that just triggers off the right chemicals. The last time it happened was when I realised Oasis were selling more albums than us. It made me feel very competitive. Then I let go of that and it was enormously liberating. I realised it wasn’t as important as I’d made it in my head.

Did you feel jealous of them?

It wasn’t jealousy. I’m in an incredibly fortunate position on every level. My girlfriend, Justine (Frischmann, Elastica), is also in that position. People must look at us as a couple and feel sick.

Have you ever abused your position as a pop star?

Yeah, but we’re into that area where talking about it creates more trouble than it’s worth. I don’t any more, if it had made me happy, I’d still be doing it, but it made me intensely miserable.

Was there anyone whose career trajectory you particularly wanted to emulate?

Obviously David Bowie. During the period between “Hunky Dory” via Low to “Scary Monsters”. Honky Dory is one of the greatest albums ever made. Obviously in the ’80’s it went very wrong for Bowie, but it doesn’t matter because he had 10 years of wonderful work. I’ve met him quite a few times now, and each year his eyes have changed colour. Sometimes they’re brown and blue and next time they’re all a blur. It’s very disconcerting.

Have you ever seen Oasis play live?

No. Never.

Are you depressive?

The only depressions I’ve had, I’ve managed to sort out. I’m a great believer in sorting yourself out. You don’t have to run to a doctor immediately.

What do you think will split Blur?

Who knows? Bands just fizzle out, don’t they?



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