The official story of the most significant British band of the 90s. Now updated with fresh interviews including insights into lead singer Damon’s new act, Gorillaz, that is sweeping awards on both sides of the Atlantic. This is the story of bitter rows with record companies, farcical feuds with Oasis, fist fights with each other, struggles with the bottle, foundering romances and a love-hate relationship with America. Drawing on the hours of exclusive interviews he has done with the band since their early days, Stuart Maconie offers a gripping insight into this intense, hedonistic quartet. Updated with fresh interviews including insights into Damon’s award-winning new act Gorillaz. The official story of Blur, told through exclusive interviews.


Damon Albarn, Justine Frischmann and Brett Anderson: Love and Poison.

By John Harris

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Britpop was the most exciting era in UK music for decades; and at the heart of it was a vicious rivalry between Suede’s Brett Anderson and Blur’s Damon Albarn. Lighting the fire was Justine Frischmann, lover of both and founder of Elastica. John Harris untangles the backstabbing, the drugs, the disorienting success locking them together in an indie soap opera

An indie soap opera: Justine Frischmann, Damon Albarn and Brett Anderson

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The Thoughts of Chairman Albarn 

The fight with ostracised guitarist Graham Coxon is over, new album ‘Think Tank’ is Britpop and man can’t survive on cactus juice alone. Fresh from Blur’s trimphant five-night stand at the Astoria, Damon Albarn has plenty to share with NME. But fisrt, a stiff drink…

There’s a beast on the hunt around coachella. Half a barrel of vodka broke open its cage and now it’s bounding through teh artist’s enclosure – past the circle of sycophants sniffing Cameron Diaz’s a skirt hem; past the Charlatans’ Tim Burgess taking on the Libertines at shuffleboard; past a conversation that goes, “Hello my name is Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist”, “Hey, they call me Snoop” – and sniffing for NME blood. Out in the guests’ area it dodges a come-on from one of the Donnas (“Hey, your set was so great…”) and lunges for the main arena. Read More