Starting in 2000, filmmaker Ceri Levy joined Gorillaz behind the scenes from their first days as a band all the way to their 2006 concerts in Manchester and Harlem. The documentary he assembled with this footage, titled Bananaz, is an amazing journey through many key moments in Gorillaz history, including the recording of Gorillaz and Demon Days. Today you will have the opportunity to ask him questions about his work on Bananaz!

What was it like working with them?

That’s a tough question straight off! It was a really fun experience for so many reasons. Firstly no one had a clue how popular it would be or just how fun it would be. It was a commitment to an idea that made it grow and grow. And as for Jamie and Damon, hopefully Bananaz shows just how funny both of them can be. Sometimes people don’t realise what a sense of humour they have and I hope the film got that across

Bananaz especially showed a lot of Jamie and Damon just doing their thing however random or crazy. And are they really as down to earth as they seem?

Musically everything starts with Damon. He invariably makes tracks and then invites his guests to work their magic on it. That is how it used to be it may be different now. But he is brilliant in the studio as he gives everyone the space they need to create their own vibe. As for the visuals that’s Jamie’s area. He is just such a superb draughtsman. And yes they really are as down to earth as they seem! With maybe the odd pop star moment! But no they are very centred, focused and down to earth.

How did you become involved with Gorillaz? How was the idea of the band pitched to you initially? And what were you thinking as you saw the whole idea of a cartoon band come together?

I became involved with Gorillaz as I had been a friend of Damon’s for many years. We met the night Blur got signed to a publishing deal as a friend of mine signed them. i.e. Smiffy! We worked a lot on Blur projects and I produced a film called Starshaped for them as well as promos and live vids etc. The idea of the band wasn’t pitched in any way. I used to go round with coffees first thing in the morning and one morning they told me about this idea they had, which was Gorillaz. They thought they were insane, I thought so too and we decided to document it! And the rest as they say is history! I think I realised it was something special the moment Ibrahim Ferrer walked into the studio with his Cuban posse. I kept thinking this is one of those special moments in life. Read More


In 2010 you released Plastic Beach – which was fantastic too – but what happened to all the outtakes/tracks that weren’t on the album? Electric Shock, Sloped Tropics, Leviathan, the song with the Horrors on it, the Una Stubbs song. Were they just not good enough or do you think they’ll be released or made available in some way one day?

Electric Shock has been on a Fact Magazine mix tape but only as I left it in 2010 … the other ones i haven’t listened to since then and there was never a track with Una Stubbs. I would have to review them to find out if they’re any good still…

My question is about BONNAROO this year: Any special plans for the set? Do you plan to play material from your entire canon (Blur, Gorillaz, solo)? Hopefully lots of new stuff! A ton of your former collaborators will be there, so some on-stage guests would be awesome!

I enjoy playing in the south and i’ve never played in tennessee, i think Read More