Les Inrockuptibles

Les Inrocks France, N°1010, April 2015. Thanks to Legless Owl from the Veikko forum for the translation.

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Kids Return

How does it feel to come back to Blur 12 years after the last album?

Damon: To me, it’s just an additional album. Recorded with my oldest friend, Graham Coxon… I keep on recording albums, with a lot of people, in very different styles. When I work on them, I’m fully invested. There is no hierarchy within my projects, I am equally involved in them, I give everything I have. I don’t keep ideas under my hat to favour Blur… I don’t consider myself more part of Blur than I am of Gorillaz or of the Malian bands with whom I play. What I always find exciting is the next step. Besides, even if I live daily with that new album since we are rehearsing and will soon be live, to be honest, I’m already elsewhere… I’m currently working on a musical about Alice in wonderland for the National Theater in London. But please don’t believe that I took that Blur album lightly! It was settled in my head though: I was sure there would never be a new Blur album. I didn’t need it. Hence my surprise. I even long to play those songs live. We’re going to play at le Zénith de Paris but I don’t want to go on a huge tour, play every festival, be forced to postpone the opportunity of a new Gorillaz or Africa Express album… Or even a movie soundtrack. I cherish my freedom. Read More