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In a virtual Q&A (because, you know, they’re cartoons) debuting on Mashable, 2D, Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle clue you in on everything to listen for on their forthcoming album, Humanz, including “Wheels on the Bus” and the unspeakable things one might do to a succulent.

What artists, albums or songs past or present have most inspired you as an artist? 

2D: I’m actually a big Michael Buble fan. He—
Murdoc: You know which artist has inspired me the most? Me. The only downside is I’m only one man. If there was some way I could clone myself, I’d be fucking amazing to collaborate with. I’ve actually got a team of eggheads working on it as we speak.
Russel: Gotta give props to Biggie, ODB & MC Lyte. Keepin’ it real for Brooklyn.

When you think about your unique sounds, how would you describe what you sound like?

Russel: The Humanz groove is a new direction for us in the studio, coming courtesy of the 909, that funky, mind-bending Chicago sound. That little box should be called the ‘999’, for funk emergencies. Having Jamie Principle, crown prince of Chicago House on the record sure helps, too.
Noodle: Gorillaz is a fusion of personalities, styles, and viewpoints from the margins of the musical cosmos. I think our sound is unique because we have no ‘sound’, exactly.
Murdoc: Bang on, Noodle. One of the things that makes us unique – apart from my incomparable genius and record-shattering genitalia – is the way we work with collaborators. It constantly forces you out of your comfort zone. The day you can pigeonhole Gorillaz is the day I fill my pockets with stones and walk into the sea.  Read More