We Visited Murdoc in Jail to Learn about the New Gorillaz Album


We rounded up 2D, Russel and Noodle to hear about ‘The Now Now’ – and about the temporary replacement stepping in for Murdoc…

Stop all the clocks. Cut off the telephone. Today is no normal day. I’ve been tasked with interviewing British band Gorillaz about their forthcoming sixth album, The Now Now. Their manager has already informed me it’s impossible to get everyone in one place, so I have to find them myself based on some very vague information. Murdoc, I already know, is in jail. Noodle, I’m told, is across town somewhere. And right now, 2D and Russel are sat opposite me, in a tiny west London greasy spoon called The Coffee Cup Cafe.

The cafe is small and narrow, the kinda place with 11 different variations on the full English breakfast, all for under a fiver. 2D is wearing a turquoise and black sweater and a brown fedora with a badge of a clenched fist on it. He’s booked out the whole of The Coffee Cup Cafe for our interview. There are five tables. A large plate of chicken nuggets and curly fries is brought to us, and 2D smiles like an emperor.
“What made you choose this cafe for our interview?” I ask, and wait for an answer, but he stares straight past me, like he’s in some sort of yogic trance. I give Russel a look and he turns to 2D and takes two small wireless headphones out of his ears. I ask the same thing again. Read More


Murdoc’s Guide to Britain1477915817370-gorllz

An exclusive interview with the leader and bass player of the Gorillaz, about booze, Brexit, Ringo Starr and ‘Carry on Matron’.

Something is stirring. It’s been four years since Gorillaz released their last record, The Fall, and four years since the band were sent spinning off in disparate directions. Russell blown sixty-times his size, 2D nearly becoming whale food, Noodle battling demons-turned-mafia-dons in Tokyo and Murdoc… well.

Since their last record, Gorillaz chief songwriter and bassist Murdoc Niccals has been through the wars, a little more than usual at least. After finding himself stranded on the titular Plastic Beach – a remote island seemingly miles away from civilisation – Niccals was surviving, just about, with nobody but the cyborg version of Noodle for company. However, when the island was besieged by pirates, he was forced to escape on a small rusting submarine. Following an ungodly stretch of time, submerged and without toilet facilities, he was eventually forced to surface – only to be greeted by the Battleship Ringo, a huge sea vessel owned by EMI. The multinational record company proceeding to take Niccals aboard, back to London only to imprison him in a dungeon beneath Abbey Road. So, yeah, it’s been a hell of a year. Read More