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It’s the end of the world, and they feel fine…

When Damon Albarn started to think about reactivating his great collaborative project Gorillaz after a seven-year break, he knew he wanted to make an album about “pain, joy, urgency.” But first he had to mend a broken partnership with visual mastermind Jamie Hewlett. Dorian Lynskey finds them reunited and taking aim at brexit, trump and the whole darn world.

Ten years ago in, an online post that went viral, an American woman named Andrea
Donderi divided people into Askers and Guessers. Guessers, she wrote, won’t ask for what they want unless they’re pretty sure they’ll get a yes, so they often hold back. Askers, on the other hand, will request anything because they don’t mind if the answer is no. Damon Albarn is pop’s Asker-in-chief. Each time he’s making an album with Gorillaz Gorillaz his constantly mutating , his constantly mutating collaboration with artist Jamie Hewlett, he decides which voices will suit the songs and tries his luck. This time Sade politely declined; so, after an entertaining monthlong email exchange, did Morrissey. Dionne Warwick passed for the second time because the lyrics conflicted with her religious sensibilities. In the past, Barry Gibb and Engelbert Humperdinck have also given Gorillaz the bum’s rush. Albarn never minds.
“I don’t take rejection personally,” he says cheerfully. “The more people you put your
arms around, the better it is.” Read More