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Damon Albarn on Gorillaz’s stripped-down new album, The Now Now

What should fans expect from a new Gorillaz album in 2018? Some might be surprised to see one at all — at least coming so soon on the heels of the virtual supergroup’s Humanz, which bowed only last spring.

One easy explanation: Unlike so many of their previous releases, the band’s latest, The Now Now (due June 29), is a comparatively intimate affair, minus the usual wide-ranging guest roster — Humanz alone featured Noel Gallagher, De La Soul, Vince Staples, Popcaan, and Grace Jones, among others — and attendant Mt. Everest of studio coordination such a major undertaking involves. Read More


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Translation by yggdrasilbohdi


The English band is back with a charming album. An opportunity for Damon Albarn to shoot Kanye West down in flames. A meeting.

“In Gorillaz, Damon makes the music, I do the drawings”, says Jamie Hewlett, co-founder of Gorillaz, a band that has four fictional members (Murdoc, 2D, Russel and Noodle). “I have to wait for him to send me his songs to draw the characters, so I’m always a step behind Damon.” As Prince Philip still walks behind Queen Elizabeth? “Well, I’m like the Duke of Edinburgh and Damon is such a big queen … I hope he didn’t hear me.” Read More

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Translation by yggdrasilbohdi


Behind this animated band, two creative British men are hidden. On the occasion of the launching of their new album, they tell us about this idea that shook up the music industry.

“Fuck, twenty years already!” With his characteristic outspokenness, Damon Albarn (right) still can’t believe it. This year, the former leader of the British pop-rock band Blur celebrates the 20th anniversary of the creation of his second band, Gorillaz, after 17.3 million albums sold all over the world. He is in charge of the music, a revolutionary mix of rap, reggae, soul and pop, along with folk guitar riffs and sharp electronic arrangements. Jamie Hewlett (left), originally the illustrator and graphic designer of, among others, the comic book heroine Tank Girl, handles the whole visual aspect. Read More

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Translated by yggdrasilbohdi.


It’s the sixth Gorillaz album only one year after Humanz : the brand new The Now Now is a great introspective record, marked by Damon Albarn’s genius and Jamie Hewlett’s distinctive style. The two of them were in Paris for a few days and opened the doors of this little masterpiece for us.

Gorillaz didn’t play any mean trick on us this time. Expert on contradiction, grimace, farce and other assorted tricks, the sound-and-comics-making band led by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett has indeed come back less than a year after its fifth record, Humanz, with an album called the Now Now. When we met them for Humanz, in London, back in 2017, at a VIP concert which gathered De La Soul, Jean-Michel Jarre, Pusha T, Benjamin Clementine and even Noel Gallagher – who, we suppose, was eating humble pie more than ever before, even if the rivalry between the former leader of Oasis and the leader of Blur has lost the spicy aroma it used to have in the 1990s-, Albarn and Hewlett clearly implied that their boxes were full of projects, and that news were to be awaited from 2018 onwards. And it’s in March of that year that Damon Albarn announced that the finishing touches had been put to the project, and played for the first time live, in Chile, the song called Hollywood featuring the soul legend Jamie Principle and the weed and rap legend Snoop Dogg. Read More