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Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett got the cartoon band back together after a seven-year absence to make Humanz, winner of the Q Best Album award.

Congratulations on winning another Q Award. Happy?

Damon Albarn: It’s really nice. It’s about the music. Genuinely, we’ve been really touched that people recognised this record because it was a bit of a departure in that I’m not  really in it much at all. Obviously I helped to make it. And I forgot to mention [producers] Remi [Kabaka] or The Twilite Tone, but I’m not very good at speeches.

What are you drinking to celebrate?

Jamie Hewlett: I’d love a glass of wine. Have you only got Q wine? Oh, is it a 2017 vintage…

What’s been your album of the year?

DA: I don’t really work like that. I work with experiences, really. I’m in and out of so many different types of music all the time, so I don’t really engage in music in that way. In terms of experience, that happened a few days ago when I went to see [producer, rapper] Mike Will Made It. He did Kendrick Lamar’s albums and I went to do some work with him while we were on tour. As a new experience in music-making this was something that I will never forget: it was so loud and brutal. This man is the top hit-maker in the world and it was interesting to witness that kind of alchemy because it doesn’t last forever. It was interesting, the interface between the two of us, and how he picked up on what I did and what I picked up with him. Read More