Dancing At The End Of The World


Damon Albarn resurrects Gorillaz with the dystopian party of Humanz.

 “Imagine a night where everything that you believed in was turned on its head. How would you feel?” Just over a year ago, Damon Albarn was beginning, in earnest, to make the new Gorillaz album, Humanz. As he reached out to the predictably dizzying array of collaborators, that was the main question he asked them: a basic premise plucked from a looming disaster out on 2016’s horizon.
Soon after the official announcement of Humanz and some weeks from its release, I am with Albarn at his hotel on a torrentially rainy day in Manhattan. The last time I spoke to him, in 2014, he was promoting his first true solo album under his own name, Everyday Robots. Perhaps understandably, he was a little bristly and evasive if you asked him about the prospect of new Blur or Gorillaz at that time.