How can you contribute to the archive?

If you would like to contribute any interviews, magazine scans, transcripts, reviews or articles you may send them to

We are looking for fans who are willing to translate certain magazine scans into English. Especially Japanese magazine scans as we are not able to read them at all. We also have a large amount of French, Spanish, Dutch, and German magazines, translations of those would also be great.

If anyone wants to type out any magazine scans that would be appreciated, as more keywords are then searchable. Ideally it’s nice to have both scans and a typed out version of the magazine or article.

If you have rare Damon related videos or audio we will also accept them. They will not be posted on this particular site but we can upload them to our youtube or tumblr accounts instead. Any contribution is welcome!

We will ALWAYS credit and link back to you as well. Although the large majority of content is from our own personal collections, you guys help make this archive even better by your contributions!

List of requests:

In the next few weeks I will be getting together a list of requests that we still need. This may include magazines we don’t have, interviews that have disappeared from online before we could save them and other material we are hoping to get our hands on. If you happen to have any of these things we have listed please consider contributing them to the archive. There is such a wealth of material related to Damon that it is possible there are interviews, scans and articles that exist without our knowledge too. If we do not have something archived already and it’s not on our request list it’s possible we don’t know of it. Any info or contribution you may have on material like that is also very much appreciated.


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